Healthy Living is a school based health development program delivered through three stages of week-long visits to schools in remote communities

Healthy Living utilises sport, art, music and dance to drive its messages resulting in fun, interactive and inclusive classroom activities. Role Models from sport, art, music, dance, business and health provide the expertise to support the delivery of Healthy Living.

Students learn the essential elements to good health including nutrition, hygiene, substance misuse and physical activity. Learning outcomes range from the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables to the definition and causes of common preventable diseases. Students are encouraged to be creative and learn new skills in sport, the arts and healthy cooking while interacting with role models.

2014 looks to be another exciting year for Red Dust with trips already well under way. The upcoming Healthy Living Programs dates are as follows (dates are subject to change):


23 – 29 March

21 – 26 September

12– 18 October


9 – 15 March

10– 16 August



23 – 29 March

12 – 18 October


Daly River

27 April – 3  May

24– 30 August

27 – 31 October


18 – 24 May

24 – 30 August



18 – 24 May

7 – 13 September


Healthy Living addresses the key Red Dust outcomes of building knowledge and skills, assessing and supporting the provision of resources, providing and building leadership and fostering positive relationships.

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