The Red Dust Tiwi College Program Coordinator, Jason Ryan, lives in residence during the school year at Tiwi College working in conjunction with the Hayden Way to provide the students at the college with support and education in the areas of sport and health promotion activities.

Here is a snapshot of what Jason has been up to in term one at Tiwi College:

The Hayden Way and Red Dust partnership this term has been all hands on deck. Students have shown great interest in watching and learning the processes in which a sustainable garden functions. Daily chores for the students include identifying produce from the garden which is ready to eat. Foods such as cucumbers, okra, eggplant, snake beans, capsicum, chillies and ginger are just a few of the varieties that the students are learning to pick.



A major focus has also been educating the middle school boys on the effective operation of machinery. Safety was also a critical  focus with students having to identify the dangers when driving the tractor. Tasks included effectively using the bucket to move hay bales and complete a driving course throughout the garden. Towards the end of the term we also received a John Deere Gator which the kids absolutely love. There is a little trade off here, proving the kids do at least 30 min’s of productive weeding they get to individually go for a ride on the Gator. As it turns out the kids have responded beyond expectations and are now coming down to the garden during their recess and lunch breaks.

















The primary school has also visited this term, they ensured the chooks and ducks were returned to their sheds and also looked after 3 baby ducklings. They were a delight to have and hopefully next term we can do more with the entire school.

“The highlight of the term for the primary students has been visiting the Hayden Way garden. This visit was an opportunity to learn about how plants grow and where they get their energy  from. The students thoroughly enjoyed trying different vegetables and seeing how the ducklings were growing. Following this outing, students were keen to draw and write about their  experience. A big thank you to Jason for talking with the students and helping them to make real connections from classroom learning to the outside world.”


Sport has also been a major focus in the College form term 1. Middle school boys are being taught touch football and some attacking moves that will allow them to beat defenders. They  are also given the chance to create their own moves and test them out against some defence. The girls this term have focused on basketball, where positional play has been emphasised.  The sessions usually start with some drills that include shooting and moving quickly into position which then flows on into a game. After each session a swim down at the creek is a reward and something the kids look forward to so they can cool off.

It has been a great start to term 1 at Tiwi College one of which Red Dust and the Hayden Way have played a significant role in. The kids have had a great term and eager to return in term 2  for a bigger and better term.

Red Dust is proud to have Jason working at  Tiwi College in 2012. Red Dust cannot do this work without the support of others. If you would like to donate to our programs click here