Leah Rush is a professional basketball player who has played for various teams throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe.
Leah played collegiate basketball at the University of Oklahoma where she was a four year starter and a two year captain. After college, she began her professional career and has played in the WNBA and several teams throughout Europe and Australia. She has been fortunate to have played with and against some of the best players in the world. Because of the success she’s had as an athlete, opportunities to be involved in various community development projects resulted, which she considers to be one of the best parts of her job.

Most recently she has been playing in Western Australia. While living in Australia (both 2011 and 2009),  she works with community and individual development projects. Her interest lies specifically with Indigenous Australians and their culture. She considers the work that has been done, the relationships built, and the knowledge about Aboriginal culture that she has gained as the highlight of her time in Australia.

She recently finished her master’s degree in development anthropology from the University of Durham in the UK, and has enjoyed meshing her experiences in sport with her experiences in development. She believes in the positive effects of sport and the power it has to engage individuals and communities. She plans to continue working in the development and aid sector long after she finishes her basketball career.

“I think getting to see the world, meeting different people and experiencing new cultures is really just a neat, neat thing that I do as often as possible. While on the road, I try to take the best pieces of each culture that I experience with the hope of ultimately creating the best version of myself.”