Four students from NSW School St Gregory’s College recently took part in a Red Dust trip to Tiwi College. This is the  fourth trip of its kind where the boys have had the chance to experience life in a remote community and engage with local students as part of a cultural exchange.

The students were accompanied by John Van Groningen (Red Dust Managing Director) and their teacher Matthew Brennan as well as the CEO of Abi Group, David Jurd, along with his two children. The students from both St Gregory’s and Tiwi College were also lucky enough to have former Australian Hurdles Champion Kyle Vander Kuyp and his partner Rheannan Port, who specialises in dance, as their mentors for the visit. Kyle and the team worked with the students to promote cultural orientation and leadership development. Highlights for the boys included fishing on the beach and spending the free time with the Tiwi boys, learning about their world first hand.

Red Dust Filmmaker, David Callow, is in the process of creating a short documentary that will capture the experience.