After a nine hour road trip through some of the most beautiful remote country, which features abundant wildlife with everything from Brolgas to Death Adders, the Red Dust team made its way to Lajamanu. Sitting close to the WA border in the middle of the NT Lajamanu faces all the challenges of remoteness; but with a positive and proactive traditional community.

Red Dust was welcomed to the Lajamanu school and worked with the students to increase their knowledge around the importance of good nutrition.  With the amazing support of nutritionist, Carol Wynne from Katherine West Health Board, the class did posters depicting how much sugar was contained in different drinks. The posters were then displayed in the Lajamanu store.  There was also appearances from healthy eating  mascots  Bendy Banana and April Apple at the local store, which brought smiles to many faces.

After the nutrition sessions in the classroom the music team then worked with the students to write and record a song and produce a video promoting healthy eating. The students worked really hard to help write the lyrics, program the beats, play the instruments and produce the video. A special thanks must go to Dion, who played the acoustic guitar. The video features 2 fruit mascots developed by the Katherine West Health Board and young community members. Click here to see the video of Eat Good Tucker all the Time

Throughout the visit, Red Dust provided several sporting sessions with the school and also to the local community of an evening.  Basketball, football and cricket were played with amazing enthusiasm by the youth each evening.

A return tour to Lajamanu is scheduled in a few weeks to continue the Get Active, Eat Good Tucker and Live Longer Program and is eagerly anticipated by the community and also Red Dust.