An Australia that embraces a shared cultural identity - one that celebrates diversity, is connected to our rich ancient history and empowers our people and communities to strive for their own version of success.


Red Dust's mission is working together to enrich lives, improve health and strengthen the future of Indigenous youth and families.

We achieve this by delivering innovative health, well-being and reconciliation programs co-designed in partnership with remote communities.

We encourage Indigenous youth and adults to adopt healthier lifestyle choices through the mentoring and influence of positive role models.


We develop sincere relationships with respect to the diversity of culture, people and places. A hands-on approach utilizing the three R's.

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Realising identity

Knowing who you are and where you fit. Your societal and community identity, your mob, your country, your Jukurrpa.

Cross-cultural Competency

Walking strongly in all the worlds that surround you be they cultural, community, school, work or play. Being confident in your identity in all those worlds and having the skills to code-switch effortlessly between them.


Having the confidence to dream big for yourself and your community. Knowing what success looks like for you and your mob. Feeling like it’s something you can strive for.


Being strong in your physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural health for yourself and your family.

Our bold path for governance, leadership and conciliation


As an organisation actively engaged in Reconciliation, the Red Dust Board has committed to governance reform which will lead to a minimum 50% First Nations ownership, membership and control by 31 December 2025.

Over the years, Red Dust Role Models Limited has grown by integrating diverse voices from both First Nations and non-First Nations peoples. Our late founder, John Van Groningen embodied the spirit, values and essence of the modern Reconciliation movement — a process we prefer to call Conciliation — the creation of a relationship between parties, rather than the reconciling of an existing relationship.

Diversity has become our strength as Red Dust has evolved and grown by drawing on a range of First Nations and non-First Nations voices.

Recent evolution has seen the establishment of Community Advisory Groups with external representatives from the remote communities we partner with along with a First Nations Leadership Group comprising senior First Nations employees.

The Red Dust board has resolved to take the next step in its governance journey by publicly committing to an increase in First Nations representation at board and membership level to a minimum 50%. We believe this change will reflect our organisational identity and the spirit of our journey.

We look forward to sharing the progress of our transformative journey of collaboration, guided by our values – real, ready and respectful.

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