An Australia that embraces a shared cultural identity - one that celebrates diversity, is connected to our rich ancient history and empowers our people and communities to strive for their own version of success.


Red Dust's mission is working together to enrich lives, improve health and strengthen the future of Indigenous youth and families. We achieve this by delivering innovative health promotion programs and community development projects in partnership with remote communities.

We encourage Indigenous youth to learn more about health and make healthy lifestyle choices through the mentoring and influence of positive role models in sport, art, music and dance.


We develop sincere relationships with respect to the diversity of culture, people and places. A hands-on approach utilizing the three R's.

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Realising Identity

Knowing who you are and where you fit. Your societal and community identity, your mob, your country, your Jukurrpa.

Cross Cultural Competency

Walking strongly in all the worlds that surround you be they cultural, community, school, work or play. Being confident in your identity in all those worlds and having the skills to code-switch effortlessly between them.


Having the confidence to dream big for yourself and your community. Knowing what success looks like for you and your mob. Feeling like it’s something you can strive for.