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Yuendumu Elders building resilient young people

Healthy Living Program 2022-03
Red Dust has been working together with the Yuendumu community for more than 10 years to deliver the Healthy Living Program.
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Yuwa from Yuendumu

Healthy Living Program 2021-03
A warm welcome from the community created a buzz of excitement and the small team had a great week working with kids on language, literacy.
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Walungurru embraces Art Therapy

Healthy Living Program 2022-03 Walungurru
Students from Ninu class at Walungurru School took part in an Art Therapy workshop designed just for young people.
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Behind the scenes with Red Dust and The Kintore Kungkas

Strong Young Women 2021-06 Walungurru
The Kungkas were keen to form a band. The first women's band from Walungurru.
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