Coming Together in Nauiyu

The message in the community of Nauiyu is loud and clear; “Come Together”.

Nauiyu has a small population of around 300 people, yet with around ten different languages spoken, it is important to have a sense of belonging and identity. To showcase Nauiyu’s diversity, resilience, and inclusion, the community collaborated with the Red Dust team to create the music video, "Come Together."

This project was a collaborative effort that involved many incredibly talented community members, students from Saint Francis Xavier College, and renowned music producer Nathan Fejo, the amazing Mista Monk, local legends Joe Matheson, Dylan Mingunn, and videographer Leigh Bramell from Maitree.

Members from community expressed that there is a significant impact made when youth are given the opportunity to create and express their own music and lyrics. Choosing the messaging and communicating stories in their own way is a crucial part of the process.

The song includes lyrics in Ngan'gi, one of the languages spoken locally, and makes references to the “KURI” (water) that travels from the clouds, along Daly River, and out to the ocean. The lyrics are an acknowledgment of the close relationship between the community of Nauiyu and its water.

The team encouraged students to think outside of the box and reflect on what is important to themselves and their families. The project challenged students to problem-solve, self-identify their skills and interests, make group decisions, and step outside of their comfort zones.

The week-long project took place at St Francis Xavier School, where students workshopped ideas, developed music and beats, and practiced singing and rapping in front of the camera. The team also filmed footage at various locations on Country, using cameras and drones to capture a wide range of shot types.

The music video is a powerful reflection of community unity and celebration and has been nominated for this year's National Indigenous Music Awards (the NIMAs). Experience the beauty and positivity of the Nauiyu community through their inspiring music video below.

“Everyone was just loving the opportunity to create and express themselves and the outcome I believe will reflect those positive vibes around the school and community that week.”

- Leigh Henderson

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Acknowledgment of Contributors

  • Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School
  • Daly River Buffaloes
  • Miriam Rose Foundation

Acknowledgement of Financial Support

  • Agnico Eagle Community Partnership Program
  • IOOF Foundation