Yuendumu Elders building resilient young people

Red Dust has been working together with the Yuendumu community for more than 10 years to deliver the Healthy Living Program.

The program is co-designed and delivered with the community to support young people aged 5-15 years.

One of the key aspects of Red Dust programs is creating opportunities for young people to listen and learn from community Elders and leaders.

When it comes to resilience, some might say there is no better teacher than Warlpiri elder Ned Jampijinpa Hargraves.

Ned has a strong connection with his community and is passionate about ensuring young people in the community can learn strategies from the traditional knowledges passed from generation to generation that can support them to walk confidently in all the worlds they live.

During our recent Healthy Living Program in Yuendumu, Ned shared his first memories from contact with non-Aboriginal people. He yarned with the group about a community kitchen in the settlement that was used to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to everyone in the community. This early introduction of the European diet to First Nations peoples meant it was good to be able to nourish the body more often, but it also introduced a reliance on European ways which have led to poorer health outcomes for his community.

Ned knows that sharing his knowledges will have an impact on young people.

Ned hopes that young people can continue to draw on the strengths of the traditional ways and the new ways to give young people every chance to identify and achieve their aspirations.

When young people are confident in their identity they can achieve great things.

With your support we can work with more people to build their confidence in knowing who they are and who they want to be.



Small Change Big Change is an initiative of The Telco Together Foundation and are proud supporters of Red Dust's Healthy Living Program in Yuendumu.