Walungurru embraces Art Therapy

Students from Ninu class at Walungurru School took part in an Art Therapy workshop designed just for young people.

Students learned about feelings and emotions and then reflected on these by connecting through mindfulness practice.

They drew places, colours, symbols or people that reflected their different feelings or emotions.

Not only was it a fun way to learn about mental health - there is now a constant reminder about their experience each time they visit the mural at school which also features some inspiring artwork thanks to their collaborative partners, community Elders inspiring the next generation.

We really enjoyed being involved and watching the project take shape. Our artists continued to finish off the art mural project for many days after the Red Dust program was officially completed.

The importance of providing new and interesting experiences for youth.

Red Dust’s Healthy Living program aims to give youth new and interesting opportunities to realise their own identities and pursue their aspirations.

With your support we can create more opportunities and experiences for young people.



Johnson & Johnson are proud supporters of Red Dust's Healthy Living Program in Walungurru.