Yurrampi jewels make for mindful moments

Yurrampi (Yuendumu) community welcomed back Red Dust's Healthy Living Program featuring on-Country workshops.

Led my Yuendumu elders Alice Nelson the on-Country workshops featured red bean jewellery making. Red Dust team supported the community to create some activities that could increase calm, reduce stress and engage Yurrumpi youth in their culture.

Culture inspires creativity for football guernseys

Back in the class room the students were showing off their language skills learning new words in both Warlpiri and English to describe emotions. Before long, the excitement levels increased as students designed their own football guernseys.

The program brought together many of the students to create their own mural inspired by the school's values, pukurl-pukurlpa, yulkanjaku, and jintangka. While it is difficult to translate from Warlpiri to English the exact meaning, the sentiment of these words talk about being proud, being happy, caring for each other and together as one.

At Red Dust we know creative arts are healing, relaxing and good for emotional well-being. The Healthy Living Program encourages Indigenous youth to learn more about health and well-being by using an engaging combination of art, music, sport and culture.



Small Change Big Change is an initiative of The Telco Together Foundation and are proud supporters of Red Dust's Healthy Living Program in Yuendumu.