Take me home

What better way to cap off a big Term 3 at Tiwi College than a collaboration with Yello.

People who call the Tiwi Islands home often find themselves spending time away from the Islands for education, health, sport or various other reasons. For most young people in remote communities the decision to pursue education beyond middle school level means being away from family, community, language and country. This song captures the essence of missing home when you have to leave but always carrying the sense of belonging and connection to country with you.  

Behinds the scenes

Our program coincided with a visit from Scotch College where the fellas took part in the inter-school exchanges while female students enjoyed a greater opportunity to engage in the songwriting and video production elements of our program.

Learn Tiwi and lyrics

Well you can hashtag (#) island life

You can catch us on the beach kapi Punali (there at Punali – a beach near Tiwi College).

Onga gi (over there)

Kapi tingara (there on the beach)

Arringwi (poor thing he’s sad missing)

Tangarruma (that beautiful country) 

Well I'd like to see my people dancing with the rhythm by the fire, it’s time to dance. Gali tuaripa (come over here). Yeah!

- Yello

Are you ready to be part of the story that maintains connection to Country?

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We would like to thank the following contributors to this program.

  • Tiwi College
  • Yello

Thank you to the following supporters for their financial support of this project:

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