YO YO Yuendumu!

A full week dedicated to learning about health, nutrition and footy.

The kids of Yuendumu are known for their sport.

When they’re not running around the basketball court, they’re getting involved in football, soccer, or simply making up their own games that bring all age groups together…so it seemed only fitting for our first Yuendumu program of the year to have a sports theme!

Jess Hosking and Natalie Vercher joined us for the week, getting involved in teaching the kids new skills on the oval and in the classroom.

Healthy hygiene practices & nutrition

For term one, Yuendumu School has been prioritising their learning around Right Heart Catheterization (RHC) and healthy hygiene practices. The Red Dust team revolved all classroom support around this, collaborating with the teachers and community to develop engaging, educational content on the five food groups and sporting activities to get the heart rate up.

In the classroom, the team facilitated an activity on what constitutes a healthy plate. They headed out to the Yuendumu ‘Big Shop’, working in groups to figure out a list of healthy snacks that would be appropriate for a school lunch box.

Craig Rowsell and Jo Holding ran a cooking class on smoothie-making that got the students to brainstorm different ingredients that would create a delicious, healthy breakfast or snack (obviously taste testing was a crucial step).

No school day was complete without Red Dust running a range of games for the students. The activities included skipping, playing games such as ‘what’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ or participating in a basketball or football match.

After school activities

When the school day was done, it was off to the oval, basketball courts or community swimming pool to continue playing sport.

Jimmy Ivill getting the students ready to play a Red Dust game

Sunset at the Yuendumu basketball court

Swimming carnival, footy and BBQ

Red Dust, Yuendumu School, and Wydac joined forces on the fourth day of programming to organize the yearly swimming carnival. The event saw the four school houses (blue, red, yellow, and green) contend in various races, including freestyle relays and dance battles.

Jess Hosking at the Yuendumu School carnival

The Red Dust Healthy Living Program sport team

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