Transforming Kintore: One Mural at a Time

A big week of art with Walungurru Kuula.

From what began as a simple idea to create one mural at Walungurru Kuula soon became a community wide endeavor, which led to the creation of five unique murals around Kintore!

Students of Walungurru Kuula took charge of the project and were instrumental in every step of the process, from the initial design concepts through to painting the murals.

Guided by the Red Dust crew, the young artists got creative on the walls, transforming them with brightly coloured acrylic wall paint and spray paint. The students added their personal touches by stenciling outlines of their hands and feet to finish off the art pieces.  

Principal, Tanith Margetson, of Walungurru Kuula celebrated the project as a genuine expression of the student’s voices and visions.

“It’s important that kids get a voice...the kids were proud of their work and showing their families in and around the community”.

The students’ pride over their work was incredible to see, sharing their masterpieces with their families and the community of Kintore.

For many, the project was an introduction to the world of aerosol art. Through all the laughter and joy, it was clear the students were having a lot of fun learning about their new skills and putting them into practice. The art pieces not only brighten up the community but serve as a beautiful reminder of the hard work and dedication from the students and their week with Red Dust.  

Tim Rossiter with students from Walungurru Kuula in front of their new mural installation

One of the standout murals is the Aboriginal flag, on the side of the preschool. This significant piece not only spotlights cultural identity and pride but also provides a sense of belonging and unity within the community.

The Aboriginal flag, painted by Walungurru Kuula students

The mural project, underpinned by hard work, talent, and fun, has left a lasting impact on the community and will be able to be admired long into the years to come.

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A big thank you goes to the artists who led the programming:

  • Tim Rossiter
  • Katie Kaff-eine
  • Jeremiah Daniels – Pepperill