From Nauiyu to LA

On the eve of an exhibition at Tolarno Galleries (Los Angeles), Kieren Karritpul kicks off new community project.

Kieren Karritpul was the first feature artist in Red Dust's Nauiyu Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) community project for 2022. The LDAT program will deliver 3 community art murals painted on public spaces in Nauiyu chosen by a working group of service providers and community members in Nauiyu.

The mermaid dreaming is iconic of Kieren’s work and this first community location was the right place to begin telling the story of the Nauiyu community through the imagery of its people. Proper Creative artist Jordon Conrad worked with Kieren to bring the dreaming to life.

When we used to drive around in Darwin seeing them big murals we used to think how did they do it, we can’t do it cos we’re from community and we don’t know how to do it. Now working with Jordan we know if he can do it, we can do it.

> Kieren Karritpul

As a result of his participation in the LDAT mural project Kieren has successfully submitted an application to create a large public art piece in the Darwin CBD as part of the nationally renowned Darwin Street Art Festival.

Proud of this because they’ll think oh we seen those people doing it, they’ll be inspired to do that if we ask them to participate in those arts.

> Mezak

Making the impossible possible

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This project was made possible with support from the following community partners:

  • Merrepen Arts
  • Mirriam Rose Foundation
  • Green River Aboriginal Corporation
  • Ironbark
  • St Francis Xavier School
  • Vic Daly Regional Council
  • Woolianna School

Thank you to the following supporters for their financial support of this project:

  • ADF (Alcohol and Drug Foundation)
  • Agnico Eagle Community Partnership Program
  • Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal