Celebrating Unity and Activity: Mutitjulu’s First Colour Run

In September, the community of Mutitjulu hosted their very first Colour Run!

A vibrant event that wrapped the community in a kaleidoscope of colours.  


Mutitjulu is a small community of approximately 530 people, located at the base of Uluru and named after Mutitjulu Waterhole. The community is home to the Anangu people, who are the traditional owners and joint managers of the land. The main languages spoken in the community are Pitjantjatjara and Yangkunytjatjara.  

Over the years, Mutitjulu and Red Dust have collaborated on various programs and events. However, through recent community consultation and planning, Red Dust is excited to announce their expanded commitment, with regular programming scheduled into 2024.  

What is the Colour Run?

The Colour Run is the largest running series in the world and is an inclusive, untimed event that embraces individuals from all walks of life. It provides a vibrant platform to celebrate not just physical fitness, but also personal happiness and individuality.

Coming in as probably the most entertaining five-kilometre run possible, participants are playfully drenched in coloured powders at every 1-kilometre milestone. By the time they cross the finish line, they are covered from head to toe in a bright array of colour!

Mutitjulu Colour Run 2023

The run was one big celebration for the community of Mutitjulu – celebrating Red Dust’s new partnership with the community and the power of coming together and getting active.  

Reflecting on the event, Kyleen Randall, the Strong Young Women's Program Manager and local community member says, "This is the first time at community event where parents were excited to join in the fun with their children”.  

The turnout was bigger than expected with every child from community participating in some way, shape, or form, either participating in the run or cheering on from the sidelines.  

The day concluded with a healthy BBQ cook-up for all the community, celebrating a successful, colourful day.  

We were able to organise the Mutitjulu Colour Run by teaming up with the Deadly Runners. Red Dust intends to maintain this partnership in order to bring more Colour Run events in the future!



This project was made possible with support from the following community partners and members:

  • The Deadly Runners  
  • Mutitjulu Community Aboriginal Corporation
  • Mutitjulu Community Safety Program  
  • Ininti Store  
  • Community members that assisted with the event
  • Philip Allnut and Andrew Sua, from night patrol and cooking the community BBQ
  • Trudy Brumby, Roslyn Brumby and, Janice Carroll for interpreting