Living in Two Wonderful Worlds - Building Bridges Between Both

Red Dust strives to be at the forefront of the modern reconciliation movement.

Taking on Run Melbourne

If you were at Run Melbourne last Sunday, you would have most likely seen our crew running at our very first community fundraising event. The team were hard to miss in their eye-catching tops, designed by Raymond Walters Penangke.  

Our team chose to run either 21.1km, 10km, or 5.2km, with approximately 20,000 other runners who participated in the annual event.  

Red Dust team members

Coming together

To strengthen our organisation’s vision, we decided it was time to bring our efforts to the cities of Australia, walking (and running) side by side to continue to inspire all to be ‘real’, ‘ready’ and ‘respectful’.

Two participants of the Red Dust Run Melbourne crew were our Red Dust’s CEO, Scott Stirling, and Strategic Lead & Director of Male Programs, Jonathan Lindsay-Tjapaltjarri Hermawan. Scott and Jonathan hail from different places – one from the salt water and one from the desert, however, they ran together on Sunday to reflect on the past 25 years and look towards the future.  

Red Dust was founded by John Van Groningen, with his work dating back to 1984. It marked the beginning of what could best be described as an unconscious Reconciliation journey for the organisation, says Martin Hirons, Red Dust Chairman.  

Fast forward 25 years and Red Dust continues to evolve and grow in a quest to level the playing field when it comes to cultural conversations.

Where will the funds raised go?

Thank you to all of our runners and their supporters – together they raised nearly $9,000 to support Red Dust’s Healthy Living Program.  

Healthy Living Program, Yuendumu

We look forward to continuing to bring our efforts to the cities of Australia in future charity fundraising events. If you have a fundraising event near you that you would like to participate in on behalf of Red Dust, please get in touch by contacting us here!


Acknowledgment of Contributors

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