Boxing, Health, and Community Connection

A jam-packed week filled with boxing, health, and well-being activities.

The School Holiday Program, organised by RDK Outstation through their "All Rounder Program," was held in Yuendumu and Nyirirpi in collaboration with Red Dust, local agencies, and community members.

The core component of the program was the boxing camp, where kids learned boxing techniques while also discussing health and well-being topics. Each day, the kids got involved in fitness activities, further instilling self-discipline and perseverance. Cultural education also took centre stage, allowing participants to deepen their understanding and appreciation for their community. In addition to physical training, nutrition played a crucial role throughout the program, promoting healthy, balanced eating habits.  

Training drills with the kids in Yuendumu

The success of the school holiday program would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts and involvement of various local agencies and community members. Central Desert Shire sponsored the program, while Yuendumu School and the local swimming pool provided essential facilities and resources. Additionally, members of the local footy team/club participated and offered their support.

Boxing activities in Yuendumu

Beyond the boxing and well-being activities, the team visited Old Mount Doreen outstation cemetery and provided maintenance support to the graves.  

The school holiday program showcased the impact of collaboration. The warm reception, support, and willingness to participate contributed to an unforgettable week.

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