Strong Young Women of Nauiyu Kicking Goals

Women’s football in Nauiyu is gaining momentum thanks to a Strong Young Women’s program collaboration with Miriam Rose Foundation and AFLNT.

We now have our sights set on forming a Nauiyu Buffaloes women's team and playing at the Barunga Sports Carnival!

- Program Participant

The program gave the women a chance to step away and reconnect while working together to raise awareness and education on mental health, relationships, and identity.  

Despite the sweltering November Top End heat, the women of Nauiyu challenged the conditions and took part in the program’s footy training sessions that ran across three days.  

With five women participating in the program, there numbers may have been small, but their spirit was strong. The small group size gave the women an opportunity and time to connect with themselves and others.  

In-between training sessions, the group cooled off under the shade of the trees and searched for bush plums. The bonding experience allowed the women to feel confident in confiding with the group and sharing their own unique stories with one another. The conversations ranged from discussing family and community, to emotions and culture. After three days of competitive training sessions and football games, the women have now set their sights on forming a Nauiyu Buffaloes women’s team and playing at the Barunga Sports Carnival in 2023.  

To help them achieve this goal, the Gold Coast Suns AFLW team provided the women with new pairs of football boots.  We look forward to seeing the women in action on the field, at the Barunga Sports Carnival!

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We would like to thank the following contributors to this program:

  • Miriam Rose Foundation
  • AFL Northern Territory
  • Gold Coast Suns AFLW  

Thank you to the following supporters for their financial support of this project:

  • Agnico Eagle Community Partnership Program
  • Insignia Financial