Unity in Walungurru: A Recap of the Strong Young Women’s Program

The Strong Young Women's program recently concluded the year with three action-packed days in the community of Walungurru.

From music workshops to sharing stories and culture, the event was an incredible showcase of unity, support, and empowerment among the women of community.

The program kicked off with a collaboration between Kennyon Brown, the Co-Founder and Project Director of Project Love, and his team with Red Dust. Together, they facilitated music and storytelling workshops for the program participants. The talented Kintore Kungkas, an up-and-coming band based in Walungurru, worked together to record a new song, workshopping the lyrics and tune. Their hard work was displayed at the community youth concert at the end of the week alongside Kennyon Brown and the men’s Walungurru band.  

The Kintore Kungkas recording a new song

In addition to the workshops, the team provided haircuts, barbering services, and organised friendly basketball games during breaks. The final day brought the group out on Country for bush hunting, where Elders shared stories on desert culture and significant sites. The rain offered a refreshing change from the summer heat and allowed for reflection and relaxation.

On Country before the rains
Bush hunting on Country

To celebrate the program's success, the team printed t-shirts and tote bags featuring artwork symbolising strength and unity among the women. Wearing these items proudly embodies the spirit of being a proud Pintupi woman, supporting and uplifting one another.

The program was a resounding success and a fantastic way to wrap up the year of programming. We look forward to the next Strong Young Women's programs in 2024. Stay tuned for more!



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