January 26th

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As our nation journeys towards Reconciliation, this day continues to prompt a range of emotions and differing perspectives. It is statement of fact that January 26 is not a day of celebration for all Australians. For many it is a day that represents sadness and loss. It should therefore be easy to understand why many people say it is not a day to celebrate whether it’s a party, a family gathering or a BBQ.

Changing the date is a conversation we must front up to. We cannot move forward as a reconciled nation while important notions of national identity and celebration remain so unresolved.

What will you do when the conversation starts in your circle?

Will you yarn with your friends? Your family? Your children? Will you mourn in solidarity with First Nations families? Will you support ‘Abolish Australia Day’, ‘Not a date to celebrate’ or ‘Rename and reframe’?

However you choose to approach this conversation, remember that there is a critical role you can play in walking alongside Indigenous colleagues, friends and family from communities - far and wide.

We invite you to share in our vision - An Australia that embraces a shared cultural identity - one that celebrates diversity, is connected to our rich ancient history and empowers our people and communities to strive for their own version of success.

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